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15 Customer Satisfaction Tips for Business Success

Customers are the backbone of any business, as without them your business would not exist. So it would stand to reason that a happy customer makes good business sense.

By investing in your customers, you will reap the rewards. A great way to do this is to create a customer satisfaction strategy.  Here are 15 components you can include in your strategy that will keep your customers coming back and also attract new ones:

  1. Offer a giveaway
    Remember the old saying ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’? Well, the way to a client’s heart is through free stuff, or prizes. Offer extra value to a regular transaction by offering something interesting, fresh, and useful. Even a small item like a well-designed, comfy t-shirt or movie tickets to the local cinema can go a long way.
  2. Exceed their expectations
    Not only should you give the client what they want out of a transaction, but you should also give them more. If a client has a concern or complaint, don’t just “make it right”. Make it right, but also offer something extra for the trouble they went through. Show that your business is going that extra step to make sure the customer feels that their time and money is valued by your organisation.
  3. Offer them a bonus for customer referrals
    Existing customers who love your service might need to be reminded to tell their friends, so offer them an incentive to do it. Not only do you please an existing customer, but you also gain another! Bonuses for referrals allow you to add business while building loyalty.
  4. Recognise them via social media
    We’d all love to be famous, wouldn’t we? Highlight a great customer by putting up their “story” on your social media sites. They’ll appreciate the exposure, and maybe even share with their friends. However, make sure you receive their written permission for you to feature them on your page, as some people may prefer not to be mentioned.
  5. Encourage feedback
    Customers feel appreciated when you seek their input. It makes them feel like a part of your team, so go a step further and act on that feedback. This is a sure-fire way to make your customer feel valued.
  6. Provide excellent customer service
    This is probably the number one thing you can do. One of the best ways you can ensure great customer service is by training your employees to be courteous, kind, and understanding. Every client should feel that your staff was excited and eager to work with them.
  7. Keep your customers engaged
    Humorous marketing, games, quizzes: these all can keep your customers engaged and interested in what you do. Make everything fun, and your customers will associate your business with having a good time. This will of course be dependent on the product/service you are offering, but where appropriate this can be a great technique.
  8. Establish a customer loyalty program
    People are more likely to come back if there’s a reward coming. Even a simple “buy 10 get one free” program will help keep customers coming back for more. This system is popular with the hospitality industry, in particular.
  9. Send a handwritten note
    Sometimes, a personal touch can make all the difference. You can show that you took the time to sit down and write a sincere or humorous thank-you card.
  10. Give to charity
    Customers appreciate businesses that give back, as it makes them feel a part of something bigger and more inclined to spend money with you. Socially responsible businesses can reap the benefits of having socially responsible customers as well. Poll your clientele to find a charity that fits their interests, or allow each client to choose one close to their heart from five options.
  11. Host a customer appreciation event
    Everyone loves to party. Hold a special sale outside of business hours “exclusively” for your best clients. Offer discounts and giveaways. You can even allow each invitee to “bring a friend” (i.e. a potential new client).
  12. Get to know them
    Getting to know your customer will help you tailor your product or service to their needs. You’ll start to notice patterns and identify ways to improve your service specifically for your best customers, which will result in increased sales.
  13. Offer surprise discounts
    Everyone likes surprises, right? They especially like surprises when it means free stuff. Every once in a while, give a client a discount for absolutely no reason. This will bring them back again in hopes that it might happen again.
  14. Go against the grain – Send cards or offer discounts on non-traditional holidays. For example, put an eye-patch on your Facebook logo on National Pirates day. Many businesses send cards out at Christmas and other common holidays, but by celebrating the less traditional, you’ll come across as fun and quirky and will stand out in a crowd.
  15. Thank them
    This may seem almost too simple, but the truth is people love to be thanked. Saying thank you is easy and shows them that they’re appreciated.  It’s often the simple things that are the most effective.

Implementing as many of these strategies as possible will set you apart from your competitors. However, the key is to execute them well. Study what the leaders in your industry are doing, and find ways to incorporate them into your plan. A happy customer is worth its weight in gold.

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Fergus Koochew

Fergus Koochew

Fergus Koochew is the Managing Director of Edge. With a strong background in consulting and strategy, Fergus has led the digital transformation of the business and is dedicated to helping brands and agencies bring their promotional ideas to life.