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15 Successful Promotions Run by Aussie Brands [Case Studies]

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Every promotion you run should be tailored based on your brand, your audience and your objectives. But sometimes when you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next promotion, it can be helpful to see what other brands have been doing and where they’ve been able to see success.

We’ve put together a list of 15 successful promotions to help get you thinking about the type of campaign that would work best for your brand.

Gift with Purchase

1. Lenovo Gift with Purchase

Personal technology innovator Lenovo was looking for a promotion that would achieve 3 separate objectives; to increase sales, to appeal to a wider demographic and to encourage greater brand loyalty amongst existing customers.

  • Solution – Edge suggested a ‘gift with purchase’ approach, where any customer purchasing the Lenovo YOGA 910 Convertible PC would receive a $100 branded eftpos gift card simply by registering at a fully customised Lenovo website.
  • Result – Lenovo chose to extend the promotion period after seeing how successful it was.

2. Heineken Gift with Purchase

World renowned brewer Heineken wanted a way to leverage their well-established relationship with the highly successful Bond franchise and increase sales of their product.

  • Solution – Edge created a rewards campaign around the release of the Bond movie ‘Spectre 007’. Consumers who purchased a Heineken product received a bonus ticket to the movie simply by validating a code on the product at a customised online claim site.
  • Result – Heineken experienced a successful risk-free promotion, with Edge building the website and managing the campaign and providing redemption insurance for all units in market.

3. Medibank Gift with Purchase

Private health insurer Medibank needed a promotion that would achieve two objectives; to drive sales and to increase the company’s corporate client acquisition.

  • Solution – using our Digital Rewards Platform, Edge directed new Medibank members to a fully branded website where they were able to choose from a range of rewards including a Gold Class movie ticket or a David Jones, JB Hi-Fi, Coles or Myer eGift card.
  • Result – both objectives were achieved through the promotion, with new customers provided with a highly valued incentive and Medibank’s corporate cover campaign achieving strong cut-through in a highly competitive marketplace.

4. Sodastream’s App

Having discovered through market research that advocacy was a powerful influence in their new customer acquisition, beverage company Sodastream was looking for a tool that could deepen relationships with existing customers, reward ongoing loyalty and foster positive brand advocacy.

  • Solution – in collaboration with Lifestyle Rewards, an app was designed to reward customer loyalty with gifts, offers, vouchers, recipes, tips, product news and information. Advertised via refill cylinder neck tags, and inserts in Sodastream Drinks Makers, customers were encouraged to download the app and register to receive a free gift.
  • Result – The app is an effective way to communicate with Sodastream’s loyal customer base and provides valuable information on demographics, geography and usage frequency.

5. Coles Unreal Movie Deal

Supermarket giant Coleswanted to drive sales during the lead up to Christmas and create a point of difference from its major competitors.

  • Solution – Edge created a rewards program called ‘Coles Unreal Movie Deal’. This two-week national promotion across 741 Coles stores allowed consumers who purchased any two specified products in a single transaction to receive a movie voucher.
  • Result – this successful digital back and front end solution achieved national exposure for Coles and for cinema brands in the lead up to Christmas, increasing sales and driving incremental cinema attendance.

6. Fairfax Media

Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald were seeking a highly valued and cutting-edge incentive to encourage existing subscribers to renew their subscriptions.

  • Solution – Edge implemented a promotion where customers who renewed their subscription received a virtual $30 iTunes card that could be used towards the purchase of any iTunes product.
  • Result – subscription renewals were significantly higher than expected, resulting in what was originally a stand-alone promotion being extended to become an ongoing offer.

Instant Win

7. Tooheys Extra Dry

Premium brewer Tooheys needed an exciting and engaging way to increase the sales of their Extra Dry range in retail outlets.

  • Solution – Edge created a promotion where customers who purchased any Tooheys Extra Dry 24 or 30-pack at a participating venue received a scratch and win card with their purchase. Each card contained a winning value (from $5 – $45), which was issued to the recipient in the form of a virtual Visa card.
  • Result – the promotion was successful overall in achieving campaign objectives, with Tooheys experiencing increased sales and audience participation.

8. Lion Instant Win Promotion

One of Australasia’s largest food and beverage companies Lion needed a campaign to drive sales, stand out in a cluttered market and align with a brand that appeals to their target market.

  • Solution – Edge created a promotion where customers who purchased participating XXXX Gold products received a $10 Barbeques Galore gift card, on which they could accumulate up to $250 in value.
  • Result – this was one of our most successful promotions with Lion to date, receiving a positive response and sparking a lot of interest instore.

Prize Draw

9. CrownBet Kick to Win 1 Million Dollars

Betting agency CrownBet was looking for ways to generate brand awareness, increase customer acquisition and engage with attendees at sporting events.

  • Solution – Edge worked closely with CrownBet to create one of the biggest promotions ever at the MCG. ‘Kick to Win 1 Million Dollars’ at the Real Madrid vs Man City game gave one lucky winner the chance to perform a million dollar kick in front of over 80,000 attendees.
  • Result – Edge insured the event to ensure CrownBet’s budget was protected and the promotion provided so much exposure both on and off screen that CrownBet hopes to use it as a springboard for future events.

10. Mars Petcare – Spin the Wheel of PAWtune

Pet care products manufacturer Mars Petcare wanted an appealing offer that would drive sales and capture consumer data.

  • Solution – Edge created a promotion to achieve these goals by changing a PETstock member’s life. PETstock members who purchased a participating product and scanned their PETstock Family Values Member Card received an entry in the draw. At the the climax of the promotion, one lucky winner got to spin the Wheel of PAWtune and won the top prize of $100,000.
  • Result – the campaign increased membership numbers significantly and created lots of positive word-of-mouth for the company.

11. Swisse Wellness ‘Own Your Own Home’

Leading wellness brand Swisse Wellnesswanted a promotional offer to appear across major retailers that would have wide appeal and high perceived value.

  • Solution – Edge created a promotional offer entitled ‘Own Your Home’, which gave customers the chance to play for $500,000 towards their home (delivered via Edge’s insured prizing). Customers who purchased a participating product were entered in the draw and one entrant was then selected to fly to an Australian capital city for their chance to play for the major prize.
  • Result – Swisse Wellness received a record number of entries and since then they have engaged us to run the promotion numerous times, with further success.

Trade In, Trade Up

12. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Trade in Trade Up

Maker of home coffee machines Nescafe Dolce Gusto was seeking an engaging promotional strategy that would provide customers with a valuable incentive, increasing sales of new machines.

  • Solution – Edge designed and implemented a Trade In, Trade Up promotion, where customers who purchased a participating machine were encouraged to complete an online claim form and upload a copy of their receipt. Once validated, successful customers were able to return their old capsule machines to receive a $50 reward.
  • Result – Edge provided a tailored end-to-end solution for Nescafe Dolce Gusto including web build, management of validation and a dedicated customer service team and the promotion continues to attract great interest.

Cash Back

13. Fujitsu Cash Back

Air conditioning specialist Fujitsu wanted a simple, cost-effective reward solution and platform to support their Free Money campaign and uphold their commitment to superior customer service.

  • Solution – Edge provided an end-to-end solution, creating a platform to facilitate a simple yet flexible claim lodgement process, validation and reward despatch to customers who purchased a Fujitsu air conditioner during the promotional period.
  • Result – Fujitsu’s Free Money promotion is one of the biggest gift card promotions in the Australian market and Edge was able to improve the promotion by introducing a digital reward as an alternative to the traditional Visa card.

14. Telstra Cash Back

Australia’s leading telecommunications provider Telstra wanted a reward that would get customers into its stores and would simplify the reward fulfilment process for its internal staff.

  • Solution – Edge worked hand-in-hand with Telstra to create a customised, fully-responsive portal that enabled staff to reward customers with gift cards instantly at point of sale. We created a step-by-step process for the activation of selected eftpos terminals so that the cards could only be spent at Telstra.
  • Result – The portal provided Telstra staff with valuable real time validation and reporting metrics and they have since observed a noticeable spike in sales and positive brand association.


15. ‘Four ‘n’ Twenty’

Classic meat pie brand ‘Four ‘n’ Twenty’ required a promotion that was easy to execute and would appeal to a wide demographic.

  • Solution – Edge created an interactive promotion where consumers located in the ‘Four ‘n’ Twenty’ branded zone at any 2016 AFL match at Etihad stadium received scratch cards to win a ‘Four ‘n’ Twenty’ pie. Those whose cards didn’t win could enter a second chance draw for Grand Final tickets and club membership packages.
  • Result – The promotion became a strong talking point at the games, with consumers excited to participate and created strong brand associations and awareness.

What’s your next promotion?

It’s essential that you have a good idea of your goals and what kind of consumer rewards can help you achieve those goals before you begin a new promotion.

With so many different types of mechanics to choose from, looking at where other brands have had success is a great place to start.

Edge are specialists in customer engagement platforms which can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. We work together with brands and agencies providing the promotional technology and end-to-end solution to support campaigns and achieve optimum results.

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