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5 Pinterest Worthy Tips For Delivering Christmas Rewards

With the Christmas period in full swing, it’s time to put on your creative (Santa) hats! This festive season, we have you covered with our huge range of physical and digital gift cards – from eftpos and visa to your favourite retail, entertainment and experiential brands. We know some like to take their gifts to the next level so here we explore new ways to give your gift that special edge!

Check out our top 5 Pinterest worthy tips for making the delivery of your gifts extra memorable.

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In no particular order, here are our top five:

#1: Surprise… Your Gift’s Wrapped in a Christmas Cracker!

Nothing else says “Merry Christmas” quite like a Christmas Cracker. AND including a fully customised eftpos Gift Card inside…now that’s creative! To make them truly memorable, you can create your very own Christmas Cracker –  it’s simple! You can tackle the project in two ways: one being, if you do have a design team eager to give it a crack (pun intended), you can fully design your own using this template. Alternatively why not buy DIY Christmas Cracker packs. Spotlight has amazing options and the great thing is, you can add personal touches. Lastly, add a branded ribbon and bam they look like yours!

Our Tip: The funnier the joke inside the better, don’t be afraid to be silly!

#2: Branded Advent Calendars

Wait what! People actually only eat one chocolate per day? The self-control, we can’t deal. In all seriousness, this creative delivery option keeps recipients engaged with your brand for everyday of December. After all the chocolates, we suggest something extra tasty for the grand finale on the 25th like a Gourmet Traveller Gift Card! What’s great about this solution is you can fully customise the advent calendar choosing the design and treats. We rolled out this idea a few years ago with Minc Marketing, where we leveraged a Star Wars movie release by surprising clients with a double pass on the 25th. It went down a treat!

#3: Send Rewards Faster than Rudolf and Santa Can…

Emailing your festive wishes is a cost effective and easy way to get your gifts into the hands of recipients no matter where they are! But don’t forget to add the ‘wow factor’. We suggest reaching out to your recipients inboxes and letting them choose from our best-selling digital gift cards including COLES, David Jones, JB Hi-Fi, Woolworths and iTunes. To make it extra special share with them your very own Christmas playlist using music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube or iTunes.

#4: Fill a Christmas Bauble

We love this one. There are now plastic Christmas baubles, which you can open and fill with whatever you like!  There are countless options for the fillings, but one stand out that brings a futuristic spin to a traditional Christmas decoration is filling it with lollies and hiding a “code” inside. It’s not just any code…  your staff and/or clients will be able to jump online and use their code to choose from a range of digital retail gift cards. The beauty of this is Edge have hundreds of digital retail gift card partners for you to pre-select which cards to offer, plus we can fully brand the website for you.

Our Tip: Use Smarties or Skittles to fill your bauble; something vibrant or that matches your brand colours.

#5: Stuff A Stocking

They say the most important and special word in any language is someone’s name. So why not personalise a Christmas stocking and stuff it with one of our many gifts on offer, from Gold Class Movie Tickets to Good Food Gift Cards, wine or gift cards.

We hope you are bursting to the rim with new ideas! And remember, we are always here to help with your staff and client gifting. Good luck and we are sure whatever you create will leave a long and lasting impression on your clients and staff members.

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