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Best in Class Tips for Back to School promotions

As the end of the year nears, now is the time for brands to finalise their 2019 back to school promotions.

Here we’ve highlighted four inspirational ideas to help create an exciting back to school promotion that will engage both parents and their children with your brand.

1. Gifts with purchase never go out of fashion

Gift with purchase is a popular solution for brands running back to school promotions, providing an emotional headline that captures the attention of kids and their parents alike and incentivising a particular objective. The Kellogg’s “Free Book” promotional offer was particularly successful at building customer loyalty and positively increased incremental spend levels.

Over the limited time the promotion was in market, customers who purchased two selected Kellogg’s items in store received ‘Free Books’ credits to redeem on popular children’s books. Up to 10 free books could be claimed by customers when they registered with the Kellogg’s loyalty program.

Another reason for this campaign’s success was its link to literacy, providing a desired and relevant incentive for parents and children. Back to school promotions that link with a positive learning outcome can be highly effective for brands.

2. Prizes can create a thrill in parents

Bega and Arnott’s recent back to school promotion gained cut through (and became top of mind for parents) by leveraging the benefit of new technology as a learning-aid.

Customers who purchased selected items at participating Foodworks stores had the chance to win an Apple iPad valued at $1,250. To enter the prize draw, customers simply had to purchase participating products in store, visit the promotional website and register their proof-of-purchase.

The Bega and Arnott’s prize offer works well for parent-consumers. Afterall, what parent wouldn’t want their child to be equipped with the latest learning technology?

3. Reward parents and children

Really great back to school promotions offer a fun, creative twist, bringing excitement and joy to children. Woolworth’s recent back to school promotion, which tapped into the personalisation craze, shows how a brand can build excitement and secure customer loyalty.

Woolworths customers who purchased three participating products in one transaction could claim personalised stickers valued at $12.50 per pack. The promotion was also structured to encourage multiple claims within a total rewards cap of 176,000 claims.

Brands offering a unique reward to attract both children and parents can create a lasting effect, securing ongoing loyalty over the back to school period.

Not only did the personalised sticker labels provide a strong incentive to shop at Woolworths, it also ticked-off an essential back to school task – labelling and naming school items!

4. Promotional offers that make the impossible possible

Creating a promotion that leverages an impossible challenge can help your brand stand out and secure sales during the back to school season.

BIC, a well-known pen brand, challenged its customers to use up all the ink of its Cristal pens as part of a ‘send back your pen’ offer during a recent UK back to school season.

During the promotional period, customers who emptied their pen ink via a drawing and writing challenge could send their Cristal pen back to BIC to receive 10 pounds back.

Just remember a promotional offer like this must have redemption brokerage mechanisms built in; after all the brand was literally giving away cash.

Finally – Be loved by the whole family

Back to school is an emotional time for a parent-consumer as they are faced with the fact their child will be another year older. Children might also be feeling excited and anxious with starting in a new school or classroom.

By being in tune with this customer mindset, brands can help a parent feel at ease with preparing their ‘baby’ for the new school year with a promotional offer that stands out over the competitive seasonal period.

Edge can help your brand launch a promotional solution that’s loved by parents and children alike and is in-market for January – February. It’s time to be bold, creative and best in class!

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