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Inspirational Posters to Kick-Start Conversation in Your Office

This month, we had a bit of fun throwing around our favourite inspiring, topical and relatable quotes for the work place. We hope these posters kick-start conversations in your office, just like they did in ours! If you have any mantras you live by, we would love you to hear them too.

Now go on, simply download, print and post!

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Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis

Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis

Dream team and Marketing Power Duo are often thrown around the office when referring to theses two. Rebecca (Marketing Manager) and Calista (Communications Manager), complement each other in a way that JUST works, like popcorn and Maltesers. With BA's in Marketing up each of their sleeves and a real passion for thinking creatively and strategically, you’ll find these two always on the lookout for the next industry trends and groundbreaking promotions.
Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis

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