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Imagine if Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop and Violet Beauregarde never toured Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory because the golden ticket offer couldn’t be assured by Wonka Chocolates.

With no world-wide pandemonium over five golden tickets guaranteeing entry into the magical chocolate factory; Charlie might not have claimed his life changing prize of keys to the factory; memorable moments might not have taken place like poor Augustus being rescued by Oompa-Loompas and Violet turning into a giant blueberry.

But the good news is that in real life and in 2018, unlike Willy Wonka’s golden ticket promotion, there are many risk mitigation solutions available, empowering brands to run their very own “winning ticket headline”, without the risk.

Our promotional risk management service gives clients tailored insurance and promotional compliance that meets individual budget and risk tolerance levels, minimising a brand’s financial and legal exposure.

We draw on our years of experience in ‘Promotional Insurance’ to forecast and protect promotional budgets against higher than anticipated redemptions. We also specialise in ‘Prize Insurance’, which removes any financial concerns surrounding mega prize headlines like “WIN $1mil”. Whichever the promotional insurance model, by dealing directly with our insurance underwriters, Lloyds of London, we provide 100% protection, with a proud history of always paying out every claim or prize.

Underpinning any successful promotion is the compliance, which can be a tricky road to navigate with varying requirements dependent on state and country.

By giving our clients a comprehensive promotional compliance service including terms and conditions, permit applications, artwork review, prize draw management and winner communications, means the backbone to any successful promotional offer is covered – ultimately giving clients more time to create and innovate.

By applying risk mitigation, brands can truly change people’s lives. A prime example was our MARS Petcare and PETstock ‘Wheel of Pawtune managed promotion, where Edge’s comprehensive risk solution supported an appealing offer for PETstock Family Value Membership holders. Just like Charlie Bucket, the winning PETstock customer had a life changing experience, winning the major prize of $100,000.  Check out how it unfolded here.

At Edge we know that risk management is one of the most important aspects to consider when building out a successful promotional campaign.

We can help you navigate your next golden ticket offer. So why not get in contact with us @LinkedIn | | 1300 365 426.



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Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis

Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis

Dream team and Marketing Power Duo are often thrown around the office when referring to theses two. Rebecca (Marketing Manager) and Calista (Communications Manager), complement each other in a way that JUST works, like popcorn and Maltesers. With BA's in Marketing up each of their sleeves and a real passion for thinking creatively and strategically, you’ll find these two always on the lookout for the next industry trends and groundbreaking promotions.
Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis

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