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The power of data-driven customer solutions

Real time data, insights and analytics are the backbone to a successful customer focused campaign and strategy. It empowers brands to run promotions backed by proven statistics and the ability to personalise for customer segments – if the quality of the IP is high, this leads to greater sales and acquisitions.

When technology is intermixed with strong data and insights, brands are suddenly positioned with an effective and efficient toolkit to build and capture new audiences and customers.

Effective data solutions

It sounds simple enough; use good data, and you’ll have a successful campaign. But the difficulty that many brands highlight to us around data, is that gaining a transparent overview of customer analytics and return on investment is a complex process.

At Edge, we draw upon our database of over 50 million past entries to provide our clients with data-driven insights and advice on the most effective solutions for their promotions.

Edge’s end-to-end attribution is also helping brands measure their complete customer journey, evaluating the impact and influence of each phase across a promotions campaign.

Keeping things secured

The collection of customer-focused data forms the backbone to many promotions and is an important consideration for almost all brands and consumers alike.

Because of this, data security and privacy is one of the main concerns we hear from clients and it’s often why we’re asked to collaborate on developing data-secured customer solutions. We focus on ensuring all promotions place data security and privacy protections as core elements to the solution.

We have designed and implemented systems that protect our data processes to ensure it can be categorised, labelled, processed, and stored securely and use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) via clients dedicated portal or choice of SFTP software.

Building insights

We’ve found that offering incentives or claims, gives the opportunity to add in survey questions and profiling. Critically, this gives a brand the opportunity to discover more about their audience and customer.

We also analyse customer behaviour, which has multi-layer benefits. By building insights around the customer accessing an offer (from location to spend analysis), we’re able to build data, pass insights on to clients, and improve campaign outcomes and customer experiences year-on-year.

At Edge, we offer brands bespoke platforms, rewards and insured promotions based on customer insights and analytics.

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Peter Wright

Peter Wright

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