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The top eight most innovative promotions of 2017

Nothing drives innovation like competition for consumer attention, and a client with a real challenge on their hands. Here are eight standout promotional campaigns from the last 12 months that utilised innovative approaches to break through the market.

2017 was an exciting year in promotional marketing. A number of engaging and innovative campaigns emerged, achieving diverse and sometimes challenging goals. Whether it be driving customer awareness and loyalty, cross-promotional collaboration, or even a rapid response to combat severely under-estimated consumer demand, these promotional marketing leaders certainly gave their innovative best to meet and beat their brands challenges.

Here we look back at eight memorable promotions, which inspired us in 2017. Not surprisingly, these great campaigns shine a spotlight on the effectiveness of fresh ideas and thinking outside the square.

1. Carlton Dry’s Underthink It Campaign

Challenge: Create Australia’s simplest consumer promotion in market, boost sales and craft a memorable consumer experience, all based on the premise of solving life’s most overthought problems.

Innovation: By scanning their purchases using Shazam, Carlton Dry customers accessed a platform including videos, games, trivia, plus the opportunity to win instant prizes and go into the draw for major ones.

This cutting-edge campaign was realised thanks to significant cross-agency collaboration between Clemenger, Shazam and Edge which delivered the end-to-end marketing strategy and fully customised activation platform making Underthink It one of the most successful of 2017.

Consumers had fun and won rewards, and the client further developed customer engagement in a memorable and enjoyable way.

2. Woolworths’ Marvel Heroes Super Discs

Challenge: Due to popularity beyond expectation, Woolworths needed a quick and easy solution to service the demand of their Marvel Heroes Super Discs in stores.
Innovation: Edge and MKTG collaborated to become Woolworths’ secret super heroes and, within a week, created and deployed a fully-customised digital platform that housed all the Marvel Heroes Super Discs and was accessible to all Australian customers to pick and claim their preferred disc.

3. Cadbury Favourites’ Free Movie Ticket Promotion

Challenge: Drive sales and provide a reward with wide demographic appeal across Australasia.

Innovation: Cadbury Favourites customers entered a unique code from the box and their purchase details into the website. Their claim was validated almost immediately by Edge’s AutoCHECK software, which then emailed their free movie ticket.

This streamlined and immediate reward process was made possible by Edge’s ground-breaking AutoCHECK OCR receipt processing software, which also gained the client a deep data set of consumer insights.

4. Macca’s Kick 2 Kick Promotion

Challenge: McDonald’s wanted to leverage its AFL sponsorship and AusKick support with a grassroots campaign with maximum reward and minimal impediments to enrolment.

Innovation: Edge’s solution was elegant in its simplicity: a unique code was printed on every receipt for a purchase of $10 or more, which the customer sent via SMS to a phone number on the receipt. The eventual winner scored return flights, accommodation and tickets to the 2017 AFL Grand Final, and played Kick2kick on the MCG with former grand finalist Brent Harvey.

5. Samsung Gift With Purchase

Challenge: Samsung UK wanted to start 2017 with strong sales, attract a more diverse market and stand out from competitors.

Innovation: Opia, Edge’s “UK Cousin”, created a start-to-finish promotion giving new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge customers a free Gear Fit2 watch. The solution included a fully-customised website capable of registering and validating claims, fulfilment, and answering customer service queries. The campaign’s results surpassed Samsung’s expectations and forecasted redemptions.

6. Melt the Ice with Wix

Challenge: Wix, an American website development company, wanted to stand out among attention-grabbing Superbowl ads and encourage viral social media participation and awareness.

Innovation: Wix invited people to change their Facebook profile picture to Chez Felix, the star of their Superbowl commercials for a minimum of 24 hours. In return, they’d enter a draw to win $10,000 a day in the week leading up to the Superbowl, and a bigger $50,000 prize on Superbowl Sunday. The draw itself harnessed the engagement of Facebook Live, with viewers first watching Wix’s superbowl ad with Jason Statham and Gal Gadot, then a live-stream of a helmet frozen in a block of ice. The winner was declared when the ice melted and the helmet fell to the ground.

7. Kellogg’s Free Growing Kit

Challenge: Kellogg’s UK wanted to promote its health and wellbeing brand value with tomorrow’s adults, and encourage repeat business across the British market.

Innovation: The Grow with Kellogg’s campaign cleverly leveraged the natural curiosity and ‘pester power’ of kids, offering free seed growing kits with the purchase of three cereal products. Customers entered codes from three cereal packets into a purpose-built website, and received a seed growing kit in the mail which included stickers of Kellogg’s characters for decorating the mini-planter pot and spade.

8. Cadbury Premier League Match and Win

Challenge: Cadbury UK wanted to celebrate and leverage its three-year sponsorship of the English Premier League in a new and meaningful way with supporters of all clubs.

Innovation: Cadbury UK combined the enjoyment of chocolate with the anticipation and excitement of watching football. Participating fans entered a unique code from their Cadbury purchase on a website and were given a score predication for the weekend’s games. If their prediction matched the outcome of any game, they went into the draw for free chocolate bars, replica football boots, Premier League tickets and one of 10 Ultimate Match Day Experiences.

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